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The Saviour Of All Late Night Owls: Lala Night Delivery Wala Is Open Till 8 AM For You Guys

Who comes out at night riding their superbikes armed with the perfect ammo to vanquish your late night hunger pangs? Nope, not Batman but his fellow superhero and our favourite - Lala Night Delivery Wala! He’s a superhero that saves our hungry souls from the villain called hunger every night and if you didn’t know about them already, then read up ‘cause we just did you a favour! 

So if you’re a night-camper and have been looking for a saviour then you have to put Lala Night Delivery Wala’s number on your speed dial! These guys open in the evenings at 7 and close down early in the mornings at 8 and deliver food right at your doorsteps. With an elaborate menu that has everything from salads to kebabs to biryani to wraps to full-on North Indian, these guys are legit our favourites! 

We personally love their Lala Special Taka Tak that comes in four options - Mutton, Chicken, Mushroom and Soya. They know how to win hearts completely, from their super cute packaging to yummy food, they fill your heart and stomach with love.

So if you’re having a late night party or just have sudden hunger pangs in the wee hours of the morning, then you know who to call! You’re welcome!

Meal For Two | Rs 600
Call For Orders | +91 838 9898 901, +91 838 9898 902 & +91 838 9898 903
Timings | 7 PM - 8 AM
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/LalaNightDeliveryWala/
Follow Them On Insta | https://www.instagram.com/lalanightdeliverywala