Dilli Glutton

The Popular Tony's in GTB Has Shifted Over to Nearby Vijay Nagar With New Additions to their Menu

One of our fav eateries Tony’s has shifted base from GTB Nagar to Vijay Nagar! So to save you from the disappointment of not finding them in their old spot, we’ve here to give you their new addy.

There have been improvisations in their structure and menu as well! The previous already-great menu has been expanded and a variety of new flavours have been added to this. This toast king in North Campus has been the talk of the town for ages now, and we ain’t questioning it at all!

We can’t wait to go visit the new outlet but till then check out how the old one fared for us!


Meal For Two | Rs 200
Where | C-23, Single Storey, Vijay Nagar