The Popular ASEAN Indian Music Festival Is Happening Next Month @ The Purana Qila

City Wire 7 Sept 2017

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There’s a super fun music festival coming up and it’s free for all to attend, so don’t miss out on it! Seher India is an organisation that’s all about initiatives in the sphere of painting & sculpture, theatre, dance, music, literature & cinema and they’ve organised this awesome music festival to give these talented musicians a platform to perform at! 

Seher’s got an ASEAN Festival coming up which is all about South East Asian culture’s wondrous, colourful and enchanting features! Nice! 

The ASEAN - India Music Festival is all about good live music and even better vibes! With a tagline that states ‘Shared Values, Common Destiny’, these guys are all about spreading the love and joy of North Eastern cultures with us. 

The event is taking place on the 6th - 8th of October and it’s free for all to attend, so gather your crew and head on over for sure!

When | 6th - 8th October 
Where | Purana Qila, Mathura Road
Timings | 6 PM Onwards
Entry | Free
Check Out Their FB Page |