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The Pizza Variety Here Will Def Make You Say OMG! Check Into Oh My God In CP!

Giving you a taste of heaven and hell is this themed-cafe called Oh My God in CP, that’s got real catchy interiors to lure you in. Murals of angels and cotton clouds floating all over, this splashy joint is quite enchanting!

The menu here caters to most cuisines, and every other dish is served with a twist from its original cousin, so be prepared for surprises.

Offering An Array Of Dishes | Some of their scrumptious grub includes Mushroom Galoutis, Achari Vada Pavs, Jamaican Jerk Chicken Drumsticks and Peach and Jalapeno Pot Stickers, besides loads more.

Pizzas Galore | We’re currently crushin' over their pizzas, the varieties they have to offer and the power they gift us with to make our own pizzas! From different kinds of bases to toppings (veg/non veg), sauces to some healthy vegetables, you have a lot to choose from! OMG, wow!

So wear your chef hats and pick from their list of exotic choices and add ons and gorge away! 

Where It's Located | 14 - 15, Block F, Inner Circle, CP