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The Peeps Over at The Lodhi Are Using U Boards to Deliver In-Room Meals 4X Faster!

With technology reaching the highest echelons, The Lodhi is making full use of 'em to bag the Number 1 spot when it comes to in-room dining delivery! They’ve got their waitstaff running 4X faster than before, as they’re delivering meals on U Boards (hoverboards to the uninitiated)! 

Yes, you heard it right, the peeps at The Lodhi are delivering in-room dining orders on U Boards which is making things happen 4 times faster than before! So now your food will reach you while it’s piping hot and super quickly.

The Lodhi’s taking amping up their game in a really fun and quirky way! We’re looking forward to staying over at The Lodhi just to check out their new modus operandi.

Where | The Lodhi Hotel, Lodhi Road