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The New Year Calls For Some Resolutions! Get Your Hands On The Vibrant Stationery from Makoba

The New Year’s coming and it’s time we gift some exclusive stuff to our loved ones who we're taking with us in 2017 for another splendid roller coaster ride! We recommend you visit Makoba,   the multi-brand luxury pen store for the best gift items and pen down your resolutions in their gorgeous diaries!

Handsome Variety | They provide all of kinds of pens like fountain pens, rollerball pens, ball pens, multifunction pens, pencils, quill pens, ink pots and refills - et al.

We Want More | This December, they’ve come up with their own unique range of Christmas and NY gifts and we’re absolutely loving it! These gifts could include items like Cross Journals, beautiful Notebooks and Diaries, Fisher Infinium Space Pens,Calligraphy Sets, Mukul Goyal products, Davidoff Belts and oh, so much more. 
Oh and did we mention they can customized engravings on pens and leather goods starting from 300 bucks! Nothing reads personal like your name on a Waterman (or well, your daily planner). 

So browse through their amazing offerings and gift them to your loved ones this New Year, let them mark the onset of 2017 with the beautiful pens from Makoba (because why not!). 

Spot Them Here | M-24, Hansraj Gupta Marg, Main Road, GK I
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