It turns out that the newly inaugurated Pink Line of the Delhi Metro is gonna be much more useful to us Dilliwallas than what we anticipated! This line is not just gonna bridge the gap between North and South Campus but it’s also going to make travelling to West Delhi much more easier, scroll on for all the deets! 

Metro To The Rescue | Netaji Subhash Place or as we know it better, NSP is a student’s hub! However, this place has been lacking a proper connectivity with the rest of the city, especially for people travelling from North and West Delhi who have to change 3 metros *sad sigh*. 

But why fear when Delhi metro is here! The pink line comes as your knight in shining armour! Thanks to this new line, NSP’s new metro station will bring this place closer to the two interchange stations - Azadpur and Rajouri Garden. In simpler words, you guys will be able to save at least 30 minutes of travel time *WOAH* - now that is some relief! 

The NSP metro station, which is soon going to be operational, comes with its own surprises. What’s interesting is that it is only 8 metres under the ground, whereas mostly all underground stations are at least 17 metres under. AND, you’ll be able to see some amazing artwork adorning the metro station. So look out for these tiny surprises, y’all!

So here’s our dear delhi metro, once again saving us from the pain of long travelling! Don’t we just love them? Absolutely! 
Sourced Via Hindustan Times