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The Movie Lover in us is Overjoyed, Cinepolis Announces Launch of First International Multiplex in Town

If you thrive on good movies and are always on a lookout for rich cinematic escapades then you’re going to love this bit of news: After PVR Superplex winning over the city, now we've got Cinepolis announcing the launch of its first international multiplex in Rohini with an aim to offer unrivalled cinematic experience to its patrons. 

A premium cinematic experience | Replete with state of the art technology, this will be the brand's first multiplex with Cinepolis Design ID and will house 659 seats accompanied by advanced Real D 3D technology.

Nestled in Unity One Mall, we're presuming that just like PVR Superplex had attracted swarms of crowd, our movie-loving Delhi is going to show a similar kind of affection to the forthcoming multiplex.

Sourced Via Business Standard