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The Legendary Food Truck Festival Horn OK Please Presented By Pepsi Is Back & It's Gonna Be Crazy!

Light the torches, get out the beating drums and drop WHATEVER you’re doing RN! We have an announcement that’ll thrill your foodie soul and here goes - the legendary and RAD AF food truck festival Pepsi presents Horn OK Please is roaring back into town and it’s taking all our energy not to jump up and down in glee!

Dishing The Scoop | Bringing to you not just a curated line-up of the BEST and biggest food trucks (40+ are gonna be there BTW), this edition of Pepsi presents Horn OK Please shall also boast of a Waffle Mart which’ll be doling out 50+ waffle varieties for you hungry bhukkads, cutesy AF and laden-with-goodies dessert carts, a whopping 25-feet-long BBQ Trailer, a bigass entertainment stage, TONS of games and activities, a Bira91 Exclusive Bar that’ll have some fab deals and prices as low as Rs 100 a pop.

Already going crazy with joy? There’s more. Also spotted over at Pepsi presents Horn OK Please will be a LIT cocktail bar and to make your day groovy, a ‘Quirk Bazaar’ where you can pick up all kindsa fashionable, quirky and Boho stuff, plus the popular Hookah Craft will be on hand to make you stellar hookahs that you can puff away at!

So basically yeah, November just got blown wide open and this festival is gonna be CRAY!! Hold onto your seats, ‘cause this one’s gonna be the foodie ride of your life!

When | Saturday & Sunday, 4th & 5th November
Timings | 12 Noon - 10 PM
Where | Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
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