So Delhi

The Late Night Sheesha Mecca of Delhi, Head On Over to Jungle Cafe in Sainik Farms

The Jungle Cafe has emerged as a legendary late night sheesha place and we, being sheesha freaks had to go see what all the buzz was about!

So sniffing out the secret to what some call "the best sheesha ever", we ferreted out the fact that these guys import their flavours all the way from Dubai! No wonder why Jungle Cafe is the sheesha joint that'll woo you in the very first puff. 

The only bummer is that for now, they don't have a liquor license which means a booze-less time! If sheesha alone floats your boat (and it definitely does for us), then there's nothing stopping you - just head on over!

Where | 4, Club Road, Country Club, Sainik Farms