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The Karkardooma Court Is Supposedly Haunted By Spirits Emerging From Walls After Sunset!

Editors 25 Dec 2021


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When the sun goes down, the most beautiful places start to look eerie and get somewhat intimidating. But with creaking doors and noisy silence, they become downright terrifying! And so, we came across this legend according to which the Karkardooma Court is haunted and home to a number of restless spirits. Let’s read on more about this! 

The Hauntings Of Karkardooma Court? | It’s said that the Karkardooma Court is haunted by a bunch of spirits who wake up when the sun goes down. Yep, a few years ago it created quite a sensation on several media outlets with a number of lawyers coming forward, recounting their chilling encounters once the office premises are deserted. Several CCTVs installed in the offices have captured spooky activities like blinking lights, the shutting and opening of doors, dislocation of chairs and files being thrown across the room - *yikes*! 

Did you know some people say they have also seen spirits emerging from the walls? Yep, and this totally sounds like a terrible version of Shadow Cat (from X-Men franchise) that we certainly don’t wanna witness.

We have no idea if any of these stories are true, but boy is it something we really don’t wanna check for ourselves. Did you know about this legend? Have you or anyone you know of has experienced the same? Let us know in the comments section below!

Where | The Karkardooma Delhi Court - Maharaja Surajmal Marg, Arjun Gali, Vishwas Nagar, Shahdara