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The Insta Creme-de-la-Creme | 10 Inspiring Instagrammers to Follow Right Away

Picture Credits: delhiexplorer

Instagram is a blessing that has the power to turn the simplest, most subtle images into poetic captures with depth, detail, and in certain cases, a conscientious immersion. For you to be able to revel in the many everyday talents of #Delhiites, we have here a list of inspirational Delhi-based Instagrammers that you should be following right away!

1. @CHOUDHARYRAVI | Ravi Choudhary

Ravi Choudhary is a photojournalist based in Delhi and is working at The Indian Express. He has received an abundance of international critical acclaim for a few of his published images by the Wall Street Journal & International Herald, to name a few. Presently, he specializes in Sports (Action) Photography whilst covering breaking-news events in, as well as out of India. His photos are meaningful, visually soothing, and moreover, makes the viewer think.

Number of followers, as of 24 April, 2016: 37.4k

2. @MANSIMIDHA | Mansi Midha

Mansi Midha is an independent photographer based in Delhi. Her artistic ability to make simplistic sceneries appear flamboyantly soothing and colourful goes a significant way in bringing to her Instagram handle an oomph that’s hard to ignore. The USP of her Instagram handle, though, is her iPhone-only photography. Go check out her profile, and you'll see what we mean!

Number of followers, as of 24 April, 2016: 1986

3. @KHANNACHANDAN | Chandan Khanna

Chandan Khanna is a photojournalist based in Delhi. His work is characterized by a pedantic acknowledgement of details, the subject’s portraiture, as well as a considerable employment of colour. Like Mansi Midha, his USP lies in his medium for capturing photos - all of his pictures are taken from his iPhone. He takes the most mundane of subjects and settings and turns them magical!

Number of followers, as of 24 April, 2016: 48.6k

4. @CHRISTINEPEMBERTON | Christine Pemberton

Christine Pemberton is a British blogger, writer and photographer based in Delhi. She comes across many amusing sights on her morning runs, and fortunately she doesn’t shy away from sharing them on her Instagram handle. Not only will her photos provide you an insight into what happens within Delhi during early mornings, but it might just motivate you to start your morning-runs, to explore, observe, learn - that is, if you haven’t already!

Number of followers, as of 24 April, 2016: 847

5. @DELHIEXPLORER | Ganpat Kumar

The individual behind this Instagram handle describes himself as a cell shutter bug, a lone walker and a cyclist who attempts to document and share the stories and hidden gems of the state of Delhi. He captures Delhi’s heritage, sceneries, stories, and places in Delhi you may not have heard of. If you’re willing to explore places in New and Old Delhi, be it in the outskirts of the city or deep within, follow him!

Number of followers, as of 24 April, 2016: 11.3k

6. @ASHISHCHOPRA | Ashish Chopra

Ashish Chopra is a father of twins, an entrepreneur by choice, and a self-entitled aviator at heart. Browsing through his handle, we think it’s fair to say he captures the very heart of Delhi - the aura, the color palettes of the gallis, the mesmerizing graffiti on walls, heritage-rich places and monuments, the commotion in the streets, the soothing blue Delhi skies & everything that is So Delhi. Every. Thing. 

Number of followers, as of 24 April, 2016: 3,719

7. @ROBMAN13 | Rabindra Verma

His pictures are characterized by simplicity and depth, his photographic technique is driven by an acknowledgement toward frames and color compositions, making his Instagram handle one of the most immersive photo palettes one may find. His captures are simplistic, yet offer a sense of warmth, neatness, and clarity in emotion and thought. @INSTAGRAM itself suggested his handle to its followers - It doesn’t get any better than that!

Number of followers, as of 24 April, 2016: 5213

8. @BEARDSEYEVIEW | Varun Singhania

The man behind this handle identifies himself as 'The Bearded Photographer' whose photos capture the very length and breadth of Delhi’s natural genuinity and artistic beauty. He focuses more on capturing Delhi’s natural beauty in its crudest form - such as the dingy corridors of the various tombs of Delhi, the ever-changing weather with dodgy skies, lakes with their soothing superficiality, and much, much more.

Number of followers, as of 24 April, 2016: 2,878


This is a websta handle, the curator of which, in their own words, is searching for that perfect photograph. He’s a Delhi-based photographer and the content is basically characterized by photos of enchanting natural sceneries and scrumptious foods and beverages. His posts will make you fall in love with food all over again. If you crave detail in everything, this handle is the one to follow! 

Number of followers, as of 24 April, 2016: 2,392


This account documents the random life of a Delhiite whose soul belongs to the mountains! From photo essays on various places and people in town, capturing aww-worthy portraits of stray dogs, to experiences on local foodie gems, all with a touch of positivity, her posts stand out from the rest. If you needed a reason to start travelling again, this IG account will give you plenty of reasons!

Number of followers, as of 24 April, 2016: 11.8k