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The Hollywood Rage called Olaplex has Landed in Town | Know What the Trending Hair Treatment is All About

Picture Credits: jenni4president

You know how Kim Kardashian's rich dark locks turned into platinum blonde without damaging a single strand? The Hollywood rage called Olaplex has landed in town and you've all got to see what the trending hair treatment is all about. 

It's said to be this magical hair product that doesn't let your strands come to harm even after rigorous chemical treatments. Don't believe us?

How It Works | Olaplex is basically a bond multiplier whereby when your hair goes through chemical treatments and the sulfur bonds split, it prevents that from happening and seals the hair. 

So whether you're going in for colouring your hair or rebonding you wouldn't have to worry about the repercussions as Olaplex wouldn't let it harm your locks. 

Seems like a magical fix doesn't it?!

Available at Various Salons | Toni & Guy, BBlunt & Looks amongst other popular ones