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One Of The Best Banoffee Pies In The City: Order Yours From Baker Confidential


Do you love cake jars as much as we do and are you looking for some yummy banoffee ones? Then check out Baker Confidential and you’ll totally love ‘em!! 

Baker Confidential is the best when it comes to cake jars in the city! They’ve got some amazing flavours like Banoffee Pie, Black Forest, Tiramisu and so many more. But our personal fave is the Banoffee Pie and we have to say that it’s among the best in Delhi!! 

It’s got a yummy layer of biscuit crumbs, topped with sliced bananas, perfectly caramelised toffee and delicious whipped cream! Recipe for perfection! So go ahead and give Chef Paavanee a call, and order up some yummy Banoffee Pie right away. 

You can order up a jar or a kilo size cake, and indulge in the goodness of this amazing dessert!

And hey, since Rakhi is right around the corner, how ‘bout getting yourself a hamper while you’re at it?! 

Call For Orders | +91 9871 723 105 
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