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The Healthy and Delicious Food Joint Lean Chef Now Starts Late Night Deliveries

We all know midnight munchies are the worst! It's when your heart craves all the junk that's been invented in the world, but your brain tells you to be super health conscious - ah, the dilemma!

If you often succumb to these cravings, then give in to healthy bites cause Lean Chef just swooped in and saved the scene guys! They've started delivering late night till 2 AM so even if you're craving sweet delights, order up lean ones from 'em.

From a lean pizza to a healthy burger and even a healthy chocolate mousse, these guys are our knight in shining armour for sure! Let 'em be yours too.

They deliver across various parts of Delhi. Order in healthy tonight?

Where they're located | M - 22, GK II M Block
Call Them Up | +91 786 1000 888
Order Online here |