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The Gourmet Jar Does Absurdly Cutely-Packaged Jars Full of Fruity Jams & Marmalade

Have a fetish for yummy, fruity jams and marmalades? Cute little jars filled with exotic flavours of marmalade and preserves is the essence of The Gourmet Jar. 

We've always been bombarded by those plain old bottles of jam, but have you ever tasted a Banana Rum Jam? They've got Fig Almond Conserve, Spicy Onion Balsamic Relish, Orange Whiskey Marmalade (wow!), Cape Gooseberry and Cinnamon Preserve and what not!

These natural spreads would totally spruce up your sleepy mornings (and maybe an evening snack or two!). Go check 'em out!

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