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The Galiyan of CP House a Chole Bhature Haven Called Lala Ke Chole Bhature!

Ditch the usual Nathus and Haldiram Sweets if what you’re craving for is some scrumptious chole bhature. Whilst Connaught Place prides itself on being the one-stop place for lounges, cafes and restaurants, in the by lanes of the same area you’ll find the famous Lala Ke Chole Bhature! Running successfully for over five decades (omg), this place is quite popular. Located directly opposite the Janpath lane and behind the huge jewelry store Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri, the stall shuts by 3 PM in the afternoons, because they run out of food (no, seriously!).

It serves just three main dishes - Chole Bhature, Chole Chawal and Matra Kulcha, and the place is the first choice of every office worker in the area. Chole Bhature are priced at Rs 50, making it affordable for everyone. These are quite different from the ones you’ll find at the major chains and well worth it. The cholas are served with gravy, and the bhaturas are thicker. The quantity is overwhelming and we seriously doubt if you can finish one plate single-handedly!

Just the right amount of spice, 'Kachaloo ka Achaar' and onions is what is needed to make sure you end up drooling for more. Our suggestion: buy a Coke. You’ll need it!

Matra Kulchas are also a very well-demanded dish here. They are priced at Rs 45. Feel free to adjust the masala in the matra according to your liking - they’ll do it without a fuss. The kulchas are thin and buttery. Squeeze a lime before you get your hands dirty to get that extra kick of flavour. Chole Chawal is what people get when they've had enough of flour. Very cheap, this would remind you of your typical ghar ka khaana, which is exactly the reason people head here.

We were lucky enough to go here when it was raining, and therefore our Chole Bhature experience turned out to be even better than expected. There isn’t any seating, so be prepared to stand while you eat. It's also our duty to inform you that hygiene is not the first priority at this place. So all those with sensitive stomachs, please give Lala Ke Chole Bhature a miss!

The ambience isn’t very appealing but hey, good food and reasonable rates triumphs any day! It isn’t very easy to locate for a new person, so shout out for Lala Ke Chole Bhature when you reach Tribhovandas, and locals will help you out.

Order 'Janhit Mein Jaari': please do exercise if you wish to visit this place regularly. If and when you’re in CP, make sure you stop by to indulge in some different and delectable food at Lala's - see you there!

Where | Behind Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri, 2 Scindia House, CP