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The First 3D Zebra Crossing Was a Rousing Success & Now There Are Plans For 40 More!

Picture Credits: Ashish Chopra

Ever since the first 3D zebra crossing had been put in place, it's been noticed that the average traffic speed has gone down in that particular area. Thus, to maintain lower traffic speed all over the city, The New Delhi Municipal Council is planning to introduce 35-40 more! 

After  major success in Singapore, India decided to give this theory a shot too. What the 3D crossing does is that the road from afar looks either dug up or elevated. This ensures that the motorists slow down their vehicles. The first two 3D crossings were painted on Rajaji Marg and Safdarjung Road, and the stats show that ever since then, the number of accidents on these two stretches has decreased by a big number!

The zebra crossing will come up on the stretches of Abdul Kalam Road, Teen Murti Road, Wellington, Mother Teresa Crescent, Sardar Patel Marg, Janpath, Ashoka Road, Rajaji Marg, and in and around the Supreme Court.

These 3D crossings will ensure safety of the pedestrians crossing plus of the ones driving over too, since the overall speed will be slower!

We can’t wait to see Delhi go 3D!

Sourced via The Hindustan Times