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The Fabulous Egg Art Studio is Putting on Its First Exhibition of The Season Called 'Lands Within'

The Egg Art Studio is hosting its very first exhibition of the season called 'Lands Within', which will be showcasing actual and imagined landscapes and it's not going to be about those humdrum dreamy landscapes, but adding meaning to journeys that people embark on!

Art collectors usually scout for exceptionally beautiful and inspiring landscapes, and this exhibition would be ideal for anybody looking to pick up breathtaking art. These paintings are such that they would challenge the audiences to decipher the narratives, as they weave the inspiration of travel into their own visual stories.

The exhibition will put on around 70 works by 18 different artists. Even if you don't have an eye for art, you'll really appreciate what our local artists have in store for ya! So go on and get lost in some exceptionally gorgeous landscapes. 

Where | The Egg Art Studio, The Atrium, Narain Manzil, 23, Barakhamba Road
When | 19th August - 15th September
Timings | 11 AM - 6:30 PM
Entry | Free