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The Dates Are Out! There's An Unlimited Beer Carnival Happenin' In Town & We Got No Chill Y'All

Summertime is beer time! The Unlimited Beer Carnival has been scheduled and we just can’t wait to go attend this!! 

It’s being organized by Swag Festival India, the masterminds some great events like ABC- After Boards Celebrations, Humara Hookah and now The Unlimited Beer Carnival! YAY! This carnival is all about chugging beer and having a gala time doing this with all your beer buddies. 

Amidst the warm climate of May, come to this festival to chill down a little. Details about the place haven’t been disclosed yet, but we’re sure it’s gonna be some crazy awesome place! 

We’re marking our calendars already, how about you? Time to make that beer belly right away! 

Stay tuned for further deets! 

When | Sunday, 28th May
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