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When tirelessly hopping from one bookshop to the other, searching for that one (or maybe two or three!) priceless book leaves you utterly disappointed, that’s when this awesome book app comes to your rescue!

Online Library At Your Service | This Delhi-based online library called Book Bar is your one-stop destination for literally ANY book you want to read. And the best part? You can also return the books after reading and get 80% of your money back! Wow! What can be better than this for us bibliophiles? 

And if this isn’t enough, then here’s more - for orders above 299 bucks, these guys send you a surprise book! Yep, surprise it is, since you don’t know what you’re gonna receive! Exciting AF, isn’t it? These guys will happily home deliver your much-awaited reads, be it Dan Brown's Origin or Shakespeare’s all-time-classics right to your doorstep, but only in the Delhi NCR region. 

And if you’re looking for some cheap or second-hand books, then this app offers books starting at Rs 56! So the next time you’re in need of a good book, you know where to look!

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