So Delhi

The Boards Are Up: Brownie King Theobroma's 2nd Outlet's Opening @ DLF Mall Of India!

The city was taken by a whirl when the first ever outlet of Theobroma opened in Gurgaon, people went simply crazy about it! TBH, we were also among those people who went and stood in the long queues for one little brownie, but don’t worry guys, the Mall Of India outlet’s board is up and it’s sure to open soon. 

The brownie king from Bombay had promised us three outlets in the city, and here’s the second one! We can’t even explain the level of excitement we have right now! *Happy dancing*

The Gurugram outlet has been packed and sold out ever since its opening, and we’re so happy that finally it’s time to divide the crowd a lil to this other outlet - so we can finally get some brownies too!

P.S. - It’s not only their brownies that they’re good at, do give the Dense Loaf, Banana Cake and Chocoholic Pastry a try too! YUM!

Stay tuned for further deets about the opening! 

Meal For Two | Rs 600
Where | DLF Mall Of India, Noida