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The Art Hub's Hosting An Enthralling Book Reading & Storytelling Sesh For Kids In South Ex

There’s a book reading and storytelling event happening tomorrow and day after for kids that sounds pretty great actually! The Art Hub’s organizing their first-ever workshop for the Children’s Book Reading Club and it’s looking pretty awesome.

In today’s world when technology’s taking over our every move, this is a little attempt being made by The Art Hub to instill in children the habit of paper book reading. Each session will have 15-20 members all belonging to the same age group so that the discussion is understandable and super fun for all involved!

The event includes storytelling of Ruskin Bond classics (yess!), arts and crafts related to the story read (hey, that’s cool) plus music sessions by guitarists and singers to make the whole do even more interactive! 

Just gather your bunch of rowdy babies and head on over! 

When | 3rd & 4th February 
Where | The Art Hub, D-31, South Ex I
Entry | Free
Timings | 3rd: 4:30 - 6:30 PM & 4th: 2 - 4 PM