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The Adored Sushi Delivery Joint, Sushi Junction is Now Happily Delivering All Over Delhi!

Heard of all the hype surrounding desi sushi? Sushi Junction has been ruling over Gurgaon for quite some time now with their delectable sushi offerings, and now they've finally made it over to Delhi for us to take it out for a spin!

Going Beyond The Classic California Roll | New to the sushi world, people would start with a Spicy Salmon one or the California Roll, but if you're desi at heart, don't be afraid to experiment with their desi sushis! Ever heard of a Rogan Josh Sushi or Cauliflower Curry Sushi? These guys are extremely experimental and equally awesome!

A meal for two here would cost you approximately Rs 1,000. Also, although they were only delivering in South Delhi for a while, they've now happily started operating throughout the city.

Getting into the Independence Day spirit, we're planning on ordering up their Bourbon Sake Sushi which is not just visually appealing, but is a real treat for the taste buds too!

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