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Teabox, Our Newest Find, Happily Delivers Fresh Indian Tea From All Over The Country

Tea, the oldest beverage that we’ve been accustomed to, has now grown from the usual milk-chai patti-water formula to much fancier options! Teabox delivers the freshest and most delicious teas from India and Nepal to all over the world!

Snap up Your Blend | Teabox delivers fresh Indian tea from all over the country - Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri and Kangra - right to your doorstep! They maintain the freshness of the tea by packing them in 'Aroma Seal' packing, ensuring freshness for months and at times even years (woah!). They specialise in Darjeeling tea, and make sure that it’s transported all over the world while firmly maintaining its fragrant aroma and aessence.

The tea industry is an old one, and Teabox is helping connect tea cultivators to connoisseurs, retailers and wholesalers all over the world.

100 grams of their divine Green Tea is priced at Rs 325 onwards.

They’re a small, close-knit company with no middlemen, thus making sure that the time between tea grown and sold off is minimal! Go check 'em out.

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