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Tandoori Chicken Now In Danger? SDMC Plans To Ban The Use Of Tandoors In Delhi *Sulks*!

Tandoori chicken without tandoor? A sarcastic thank you to all those people who avidly burst a lot of crackers - all thanks to you Delhi might go tandoor-free soon! In a study done last year, particulate matter pollution from tandoors is similar to leaf burning, and thus there might be a ban on tandoors soon. *Sulks*

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation is all set to spoil our staple diet of tandoori/barbecued delights by literally pouring water over them! South Delhi has a major chunk of hotels and restaurants that use coal ovens for brisk business. With the major rise in air pollution, banning the tandoors seems like a desperate move, honestly! 

We’d suggest you go eat at all your fav tandoori joints right away, as you never know, you might not get to enjoy their goodness ever again! Damn!

Tandoori dhabas, time to save your business from actually getting lost in the smoke (quite literally)! 

Sourced via India Today