Yes the wait is finally over and it's official, Epicuria Social has at long last opened its doors with another rad theme of course and we’re super thrilled!

What’s New | An anti-design theme runs through the entire space with underlying brickwork peaking through distressed walls et al. You can enjoy dining at their ferris wheel booths or in the centre where tables go up to the ceiling hanging off giant metal chains *ideal for when you want more space for partying* or can be a spectator by sitting on the massive steps that mimic stadium seating. Whoever skipped the gym can also workout at the bar with Social’s halfcycles, another tier of efficient, yet fun design!    

For the workaholics there’s an exclusive space cordoned off by a glass door that is dedicated to coworking! 

They also have some new boozy concoctions with additions in the fusion food!

Although we're sure Epicuria will be chock a block for the coming week but we're still going and heading straight for those heady LIIT's! You coming?

Drive Down To | Epicuria, Nehru Place