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Taking A Firm Step Forward, Delhi Gurudwara Comm. Decides To Celebrate Gurupurab Sans Fireworks

With Delhi being tagged as the most polluted city in the world, it’s time people took matters into their own hands to help sort this out a little. Hence, the Delhi Gurudwara Committee is all set to celebrate Gurupurab sans firecrackers! This is awesome.

With the recent rise in the level of pollution and smog post Diwali, the Gurudwara Committee via this act is putting across a strong message against pollution! Gurupurab is as big as Diwali for the Sikh community, and every single Sikh takes part in the celebration of this festival. 

The idea is to spread awareness about the need to focus on environment-friendly ways to celebrate a festival. The Gurudwara Committee will also hold sessions in schools to explain the same to the children too!

Let’s all do our little bit in helping crackdown on the dizzying pollution levels and live a healthier life!

Sourced via The Indian Express