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Take Your Seat Sherlock, We've Decoded Plenty20 For You! Here's The Answer

Have you played Plenty20 yet? What exactly comes to your mind when we say *Plenty20*? Are you all also baffled the way we were when we heard of this or when you spotted this at some bus-stand hoardings? Our team went across Delhi markets to ask around and get some feedback as to what the term could possibly mean to them. We were surprised and bemused by some of the hilarious and innovative ideas that struck their minds!

Hitting the streets, we browsed through some popular Delhi hotspots like Khan Market, Shahpur Jat, Hauz Khas and GK I’s M Block Market and interviewed Dilliwaalas and here are the kinds of answers we got!

Some thought it was a new term for cricket, hinting towards the 20-20 cricket matches, whereas some thought it was some campaign to gain/lose weight in 20 days! We also got answers like that it was a coupon code that could be used to travel across Delhi on the 20th January for free, or a dish for just 20 bucks (keeping demonetisation in mind maybe?). A few Dilliwaalas also thought it meant that people would be offered beer for just 20 bucks on the 20th of Jan (how we wished that was true!). 

Well, none of these certainly matched the right answer, but we simply loved how innovative and creative these ideas were! We’re still totally wishing some of these were true *wink wink*.

We’ll finally throw some light and help you frame the crazy discovery we’ve got for you!

Plenty20 is the joy of reaching India's first destination mall - DLF Mall of India in just 20 minutes from South Delhi! You can get your hands on plenty of thrills at multiple gaming zones, plenty of decor with 13 home-furnishing brands, plenty of glamour with 15 beauty brands, plenty of warmth at 23 kid’s stores, plenty of tradition at 35 Indian stores, plenty of choices at 80 eateries and tons more! Get all of this in plenty at the DLF Mall of India because this dreamland is just 20 minutes away from you now! 

Knowing that the mall is so close to South Delhi and Central Delhi, we feel so relieved, relaxed and excited at the same time to go visit and grab plenty of happiness all at once! 

P.S. - We just got #Sherlocked! What about you?

Hunt This Down | DLF Mall Of India, Plot No. M 03, Sector 18, Noida