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Take The Plunge This Weekend - Go Skydiving With Skyhigh

Always had a dream to fly? Well now you don’t have to go far from Delhi to take off a plane to be free as a bird! Sky high’s making skydiving accessible to all the locals and we’re all set to spread our wings! This is just so jazzed.

How It’ll Happen  | First of you’ll be strapped to your instructor, you’re going to take selfies (obviously) and do your social media thing! Then here comes the scary part, where you’ll board the plane and it’s finally time to free fall - this is when you stop worrying and just have fun!

Delhiites grab all your daredevil friends and tick this one off your bucket list! Happy flying!

Where | Aligarh
Book Your Jump Here |
Cost | Rs 25,000 - Rs 30,000