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Sweet Talking With Radhika Malhotra, Baker Extraordinaire Behind Sugar & Spice Blog

A self taught baker, blogger and picture taker, Radhika is an MBA in international business with a true penchant for food! If she isn’t busy cooking up something exciting in the kitchen, you can find her eating away to glory. Read on as we talk to her about how she got started, her take on food blogging and lots more!

How and where did you learn the art of baking/cooking?

I’ve loved cooking and baking ever since I can remember, but I didn’t take it seriously until December 2013, when I started my blog. It began as a medium to share recipes that I liked but now it’s all about trying out new ones that I was otherwise intimidated of. I’ve always loved cooking and baking, but I'm not really trained. I'm self taught and have learnt everything I know from the internet. 

When did you start your blog? What all can one find on it?

I started my blog back in December, 2013. It began as a medium to share recipes that I liked but now it’s all about developing new recipes. On my blog you'll find everything from sugary, baked goodies to easy appetizers. I love quick and easy recipes, and that's really what you'll find on my blog. Things that won't take up a lot of your time or effort, but will look like you’ve slaved the whole day in the kitchen preparing them. Oh, and a lot of easy tips & tricks plus a few DIYs too! 

What is the biggest challenge and greatest satisfaction of blogging?

The biggest challenge is keeping in touch with your readers on a constant basis. You just cannot afford to ignore your blog because if you do, even for a few days, you start to see the downfall in your followers, and the blog needs to be constantly updated! The biggest satisfaction, though, is that it's your own personal space where people will applaud you for being you. So, it's a great stress buster and motivator for me!

Name some of your favourite food bloggers?

I worship Sally's Baking Addiction! Her blog is actually what motivated me to start my own. 

Tell us the biggest blunder you’ve made in the kitchen!

I'm a big mess in the kitchen, so blunders are pretty common with me. If I step into the kitchen, something crazy is bound to happen, like this one time I actually microwaved eggs. I had to heat up eggs for my dog, and didn't really want to do much so I just put them in the microwave for a minute and walked away. Ten seconds later I hear a loud blast, like a bomb had exploded. I looked everywhere to figure out what exploded, when my maid pointed out it was the eggs! It took me an hour to clean the microwave, talk about saving time! Needless to say, I've never microwaved eggs since then. 

Which are the best baking supply stores in Delhi?

I love Pigmento in Jangpura, and I normally find everything there, so I don't go looking for other shops. But I've heard Baker Solutions in Adchini is pretty good too. 

What according to you makes Delhi, ‘So Delhi’ ?

The attitude of Delhiites is what actually makes us ‘So Delhi’, you can spot a Delhiite in a room full of people because we're cool like that!

A piece of advice you would like to give to budding bakers?

It gets better so don't give up! I almost gave up baking after my first few cakes turned out bad, but then I started reading about it online and learning the scientific details. Turns out baking really is a science, so you can't just go with your instincts here, you need to learn about the basics if you want a perfect cake each time. Read up online and try to incorporate those things in your baking and eventually, you'll get better!

Thank you for that fascinating peek into your world of baking and blogging Radhika! We look forward to all your baker escapades to come.

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