So Delhi

Sweeping Changes in The Works! NHAI Promises 8 New Radial Roads to Ease Traffic

Picture Credits: Brian Sloane

Going crazy being stuck in traffic all the time? The National Highways Authority of India has green-lighted a proposal for constructing 8 new radial roads to decongest Delhi and neighbouring cities! Yass!

It’s going to be a 301 km long project, which will connect the traffic coming from the Outer Ring Road with Easter and Western expressways to keep the traffic not coming directly into the city proper out of Delhi. A major portion of this will be in the form of elevated corridors while the remaining would have surface roads, flyovers and underpasses. Brilliant!

Via these elevated portions and flyovers, it's hoped that the city will get de-congested! NHAI has promised to lighten the traffic on the roads and reduce air pollution by the end of two years and we seriously can't wait to see this come to fruition.

Time to say bye-bye to traffic woes! 

Sourced via IndiaToday