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Sunday Brunchin' Just got a lot Fancier with TabulaBeach’s Bottomless Beach BBQ Brunch!

Sunday brunchin’ just got a lot fancier with Tabula Beach’s Bottomless Beach BBQ Brunch - a one of a kind live spread with Chef Noah Barnes standing behind the lava grill and cooking live!

Seafood, waffles and their bubbly cocktails, there's no better reason to get out of bed on a lazy Sunday!

Guilty Indulgence | The brunch spread here is divided into three parts, Antipasti, Live Lava Grill and Waffle & Dessert Bar. The Antipasti section has a beautiful spread of cold salads, roulades, dips and pates. The Live Lava Grill is self explanatory! Vegetarian grills and chicken, seafood and meat grills are for the meat lovers. The Dessert & Waffle Bar is a sight you just can't resist; imagine hot freshly baked waffles with the sauce of your choice! *yummy*

Wash all this down with glasses of bubbly or some refreshing mocktails, whatever’s your poison!

This Sunday now don’t laze around at home, get up and go indulge in a scrumptious meal with a beachy vibe!

Where | TabulaBeach Cafe, Khel Gaon Marg, Siri Fort Complex
When | Every Sunday 
Timing | 12 PM - 4 PM
Price | Packages vary from Rs 1599+ till Rs 2999+