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STROT Is Giving Us Some Serious #HomeDecorGoals With Their Chic & Eclectic Handpicked Furniture

We wouldn't believe you if you tried to tell us that you have never wanted to take a “test drive” of all those squishy sofas and royal beds on display at those brightly lit, well maintained and inviting home furnishing stores! 

We feel you and you know what, we’re having a real hard time resisting the urge to bring everything in this store back with us to our homes!

STROT is a lifestyle boutique by Continental Group and they have recently moved to Continental in Gole Market! They are a leading interior solutions company and can spruce up your home with an eclectic mix of their in-house contemporary furniture.

They feature trending designs from Europe & Far East and picks from superb brands such Missoni Home! *WOW*. They not only retail luxurious pieces but also have quirky options to add that fun element to your house, such as an all natural root-inspired monkey-pot wood tables from Thailand, exotic raw wood consoles, decorative vintage inspired seating and decorative tables and resplendent accessories. You have to see it to believe it! 

They showcase some of the most interesting planters, patterned cushions, elegant picture frames, beautiful boxes and everything else needed to add a touch of luxury to a home. 

Buying one and indulging once is not an option with the gazillion things to choose from! 

Give the store a visit and you’d be as helpless as we are right now - spoilt for choice since we love, love, love all that they have to offer!

Head on over for some real #homedecorgoals!

Location | Continental, RK Ashram Marg, Gole Market
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