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#StreetTreats - Check Into Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala In Chandni Chowk

Delhi 6 is full of tiny food gems. Some are more well-known, others not so much. Jung Bahadur is a tiny little shop that found its stronghold selling Kachoris & Aloo Ki Subzi  and has its own active Facebook page & a glow sign with a fancy logo!

It’s quite a task to get a plate of Kachoris, for the place is full at all times. Evenings are the worst, with a huge crowd of people pushing one another to order first. A plate of Kachoris costs Rs 30 making it an affordable option for evening snacks.

Reaching here is a little tricky; follow Paranthe Wali Gali till you reach the T-point which shall lead you to Dariba Kalan. Turn left & keep walking. After walking for about 5-7 mins, keep a lookout on your right as the shop is located at the turn & the area is called Maliwara. 

The Kachoris are golden crisp & served with piping hot Aloo Subzi. It's extremely spicy so be prepared to wash it down with a fizzy drink. We've got to point out however that we've had an equally good subzi in the shop right opposite Kedarnath Prem Chand Halwai. 

So step out this winter and go indulge in this delish dish!