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Steer Clear Of UTIs Ladies: Pee-Buddy Is The Easy-To-Carry & Use Saviour You Need RN

We’ve always dreamed about what it would be like to pee in public toilets without having the constant worry of catching a UTI or fearing their cringe-worthy hygiene states! So if you, too, have been traumatised with the ‘gaandi haalat’ of the public toilets in the city, then we have something that’s gonna be your new BFF - Pee-Buddy, a urination device that lets you stand and pee! Read on to know more! 

Dirty Public Toilets Don’t Scare Us | Pee-Buddy is that angel that’s on hand to put the ladies out of their constant horror of peeing in public toilets. The inconveniences faced by the ladies while are endless, and the most dangerous and irritating of them all is the fear of catching the dreaded UTI. 

And here, Pee-Buddy comes to the rescue! All you gotta do is take the paper-coated funnel-like funner, place it between your legs, aim at the toilet and you’re good to go! Once done, wrap it up and throw it away. See, no worrying about the infections or the hygiene - no muss, no fuss!

We’ve already got ours, when are you ordering your pack?!  

Price | Rs 200 (Pack Of 10) & Rs 375 (Pack Of 20) 
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