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Steal The Gormint Deal: From Starters To Sheesha - Everything For Just 159 Bucks Till Holi @ Cafe #LOL!

Cafe #LOL by Rajinder Da Dhaba *unlike the Biki-Hui-Gormint* is here to take you folks by surprise! Located in the Safdarjung market, the haunt has brought for you a brand new deal which you just gotta steal.

The Gormint Deal | Everything on their menu - from shakes to mocktails to starters and even sheesha shall be just for 159 bucks till holi! *What, wow*

Head on here because - 

*Roses are red, Sky is Blue
Yeh Bik Gayi Hai Gormint
But Cafe #LOL is there for you!*

See you there folks *ear-to-ear grins*!

Valid Till | The Festival Of Colours - Holi, 13th March!
Laugh Out Loud At | AB-11, D.D.A. Market, Safdarjung Enclave (Next To Rajinder Da Dhaba)
Check Out Their FB Page |
Call For Reservations |
+91 9999 950 501