#StationeryAlert: Order Gifting Bags & More Starting At Rs 10-20 Made By Underprivileged Women

So Delhi 17 Oct 2017

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There’s an NGO out there doing their bit in educating women and children in the city, and now it’s your turn to do your little bit in making things even better for them. This Diwali, give back with the ASHI foundation while they provide you with some beautiful products in return! 

The team behind ASHI are definitely doing their beautiful bit in helping out people in need, and you can help too. One of their bigger aims is to empower women towards leading a life of dignity, and thus they’ve got a bunch of packaging goodies that these women have made and they’re super gorgeous! 

Hoard On | Beautiful and quirky gifting bags of all shapes, patterns and designs and shagun envelopes that are as cheap at 10 bucks for one! WOAH! Sassy, colorful, sturdy and completely economical, these bags made by underprivileged women will make gifting much more purposeful as well as bring a smile on the face of the receiver! 

Delhi is a city that doesn’t just have a season for gifting - rather, it goes on all year long so go ahead and get shopping! 

Starting Price | Rs 10-20 Onwards
Place Your Orders Here | +91 9810 403 218 
Scour Their Website | http://www.ashiindia.org/
Drop An Email |
[email protected] 
Skim Through Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/ashiindia.org