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Starry Nights Under The Skies Around Bonfires: Check Out Moonstone Hammock's Winter Camps!

Time to bid goodbye to your comfy bed for a few days, and to chill under the stars huddled around bonfires! With the upcoming winters, Moonstone Hammock’s introduced a lil something called White Nights, an all new winter camping theme with a twist to it. Read on!

They’ve got an event planned out in Karjat, Maharashtra with a bunch of fun activities planned out too. There’s a live, acoustic gig planned, bonfire ‘n’ bbq, campsite exploration on bicycles, outdoor games and creative team challenges for y'all!

What’s New | Moonstone Hammock’s introduced all new tree tents and floating tents this time! Wow. The suspended tree tents are superb, unique tents that are introduced to give the camper an altogether novel thrill of sleeping while suspended high above the ground among the trees. The floating tents will give you an experience of living afloat on a water body! 

So sign up right away guys and have yourself an adventurous weekend!

When | 26th - 27th November
Where | Karjat, Maharashtra 
Register Online Here |
Fees Per Head |
Rs 2,890
Check Out Their FB Page |