Apple users, we know there's a colossal list of places for you guys to score accessories for your iPhones, iPads and Macbooks, but Macmerise is one brand where you'll find superhero-inspired Macbook decals and iPad cases like none other *super happy*!

For the love of superheroes | These guys have official, licensed products from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Avengers and the like, so you can imagine exactly how rad their products really are. We're not creating an unnecessary hype (truly) - but all those of you addicted to superhero movies are really going to dig this portal!

A phone case on an average would cost you around Rs 799.

What we love | One of the coolest features that Macmerise has is that if you select a brand - for instance Marvel Comics, you can also filter the products by characters (omg!). 

P.S. They've got phone cases and laptop skins for android users too, so feel free to browse through their stellar collection (we already are!).

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