So Delhi

Staggering Numbers Reveal Delhi's Pollution Level Skyrocketed by 42% Right After Diwali

How many of you woke up today and mistook the smog outside for fog? Yes, the approaching winters ain’t the reason behind the ‘zero visibility’ outside, but Delhi’s pollution! 

Statistically, Delhi was already among the most polluted cities in the world (no, seriously!), but all thanks to Diwali, the pollution level in Delhi has risen by a whopping 42%, thus making it the most polluted city in India! Even though the amount of crackers burnt were a tad bit less this year, the pollution accompanying it was way more.

The air outside smells of charred firecrackers and honestly it was hard to breathe in the morning too. Pollution peaks in the city during Diwali due to the mix of hazardous, noxious gases that stay close to the surface and make the air difficult to breathe in. 

This pollution level of Delhi is set to have adverse effects on the health of children and elders the most - these numbers have been known to increase the risk of respiratory diseases and life-threatening lung and heart diseases! This is no joke people.

Delhiites, please quit the act of bursting crackers, you’re simply burning money and making it harder for yourselves to survive in this already polluted city!

Sourced via The Hindustan Times