Colleges and universities across Delhi will now have some reason to cheer as the government is now looking to grant autonomy to 15% of India’s higher education institutions! *Naice!*

What’s Going On? | Out of a total of 868 institutions for higher education, including colleges, universities, 130 will be granted autonomy initially. Over 65 institutions, including St. Stephens College are set for graded autonomy, which basically means that they’ll have greater freedom from higher education regulators like UGC and All India Council for Technical Education. These autonomous institutions can then decide their own courses, set up off-campus centres, academic collaborations and fee structures for their courses. 

Last month, the centre granted autonomy to 62 institutions which included JNU, Banaras Hindu University, TISS, Jadavpur University and University of Hyderabad. Rumour has it that St. Stephens will also get autonomy for sure this year. 

The autonomy has been granted based on the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) score which basically defines the quality of an institute. Institutions with a NAAC score of more than 3.5 will be granted complete freedom from regulators, while those with a lower score will have to face some regulatory control. 

This defo. looks like something to look forward to. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait n watch! 

Sourced Via ThePrint