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Spreading Awareness Regd. Zero Waste - 2 Cyclists Travel From Ahmedabad To Delhi!

With pollution and wastage reaching it’s highest notch, here’s a team of 2 cyclists trying to do their bit in spreading awareness regarding the same. Sanjeeta Singh Negi, 51, and Piyush Shah, 57, are cycling all the way from Ahmedabad to Delhi to spread the message of ‘Make Your Home Zero Waste!’ 

Their 11 day journey started with the starting point being Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad on January 2nd and will end at Raj Ghat in Delhi! Their trying to spread knowledge on the topic that zero waste is a philosophy where everything gets recycled and reused, not just a few things, but simply every single product. No trash is sent to landfills according to this! 

Sanjeeta is a green volunteer and Piyush is a marathon runner from Gujarat who was featured in the Limca Book Of Records for the same. They believe that the problem of wastage is huge, but together they can atleast do their bit in making a difference.

Good going guys! 

Sourced via Times Of India