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Spot-On Tips To Keep You Car Happy & Fit This Winter From The Car Experts - Automen!

If your car has started making weird noises and takes time to actually start in the morning, then you know winter has officially arrived! While we’re shivering and enjoying the breezy November evening, our poor four-wheeled motor friend suffers. So we got the car experts - Automen, to help us out and gathered a few tips and tricks that can help you make your car winter ready, so read on! 

Winter Hacks For Your Wheels | First things first, get your cars serviced on time - we’re all lazy AF but why should our cars bear the brunt of that? Book complete car services on time to keep a check on your car’s coolant and make sure it isn’t low! Timely service means a happy car - so always keep that in mind. 

Next, your car needs more power to start in winters, so make sure your car’s battery is in good shape - just to avoid those early morning hassles, take pity on your car’s battery and keep it charged!

Also, keep a check on your tyre pressure, ‘cause properly inflated tyres translates to the best possible traction, people. Aannd, lastly but most importantly - have your brakes checked before the winter arrives in full swing!  

You can even get in touch with the experts at Automen and make it a happy winter for your cars, so safe travels y’all! 

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