They say wooden pieces around the house add a gorgeous earthy touch to it. They’re sturdy and are the perfect kind of investment when it comes to home decor. As usual, we always turn to our reliable and beloved sources for authentic wooden furniture.

Located in Hauz Khas, Knock On Wood is an earthy furniture studio which looks like a dream! Hailing the philosophy of crafting stories with furniture, they constantly come out with creative collections that can tell a hundred stories as they grace the spaces within your homes. And currently we’ve been going ga-ga over this particular beauty.

This sturdy piece crafted with exquisite wood-on-wood inlay work in front is an absolute treat to the eyes! The copper highlights in the floral motif gives this piece a rustic and royal touch which emphasises the details that we’re lovin’!

Bring this baby home and jazz up your living room, you guys!

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