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Fried Calamari Rings, New York Cheese Cakes & More On The Delivery Menu @ Boom Food, SPJ!

Shahpur Jat has a swanky food delivery joint that’s got a super extravagant menu and delicious-looking food! Boom Food is a one-of-a-kind SPJ special that we can’t stop gushing about RN.

With a menu ranging all the way from pizzas to burgers, sandwiches, burritos and Special Sharing Food, Finger Food and a Hearty Healthy Munchies menu too! So much food!! They’ve got some classic and crowd favs like the Juicy Lucy Burger, Chicken Tzatziki Sandwich, Spinach Sunrise Tomatoes Feta and Avocado Pizza, Spicy Pork Burrito and Chicken Wings on the menu. Awesome!

Along with this, they’ve also got a small yet fulfilling dessert menu which includes New York Cheese Cake, Banana Cake, Apple Crumble and Chocolate Mousse! 

We’re totally game to ordering from here and having a hearty meal right away!

Meal For Two | Rs 1,100
Where | 193, Shahpur Jat
Call For Orders | +91 9999 800 753
Order Online Here |
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