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Spellbinding Storytelling | Kathakar - International Storytellers Fest's Here!

Storytelling Ninjas are travelling across many seas and countries and pouring into Delhi to tell you tales from far and wide as a part of the 5th edition of Kathakar - The International Storytellers Festival! *Dreamy eyes*

Hosted by Ghummakkad Narain, The Travelling Literature Festival will include an array of storytellers such as Puran Bhat, Emily Hennessey, the Bhaat community, Giles Abbott, Usha Venkataraman and Tim Ralphs.

What to expect | Some of your all-time favourite anecdotes will be recited such as:

Astounding, magnificent tales beckon. Come join these high-brows for intense storytelling sessions and let your imagination soar!

Where | IGNCA, Janpath
When | 5th-7th February
Entry | Free