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South Ex's Getting A Cool AF Pub That's Got Cheery & Colourful Leather Couches + Rad Music!

South Ex isn’t an area that we’d head on to when it comes to Delhi’s nightlife usually, but there’s an all-new pub popping up that’s going to change the game! Da Code is going to be the new IT place for partying.

What We’re Lovin’ | Designed no less than an international pub, this one will surely make you go *WOAH*! Da Code’s got areas dedicated to various moods, like the partying zone’s got tiled floors, super colourful leather couches and one of the funkiest DJ consoles! Then comes the chilling spot, where there’s suede sofas, planters and wooden tables. Next up is the terrace that’s got sofas on the boundaries, chairs in the centre and an awesome bar! Cool.

This place is one that we’re heading over to as soon as it opens doors!

Where | Da Code - F-39, South Ex I
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/DacodeSouthex1