Attention all you Delhi peeps - looks like our government is getting really serious about maintaining cleanliness in the city and we’re loving this! 

So all pet-owners out there, this one’s especially for you! Soon, there’ll be a fine of Rs 500 for all the South Delhi peeps who don’t clean up their dog’s poop from the roads. 

Here’re The Deets | SDMC has recently agreed to a proposal that on-the-spot fines of Rs 500 will be levied on all those people who fail to clean up their dog’s poop from the roads during their evening or early morning walks. 

The practice of not cleaning up your dog’s poop is said to affect the health of nearby residents and pedestrians as it leads to spreading of infections. Sanitary inspectors will be given the responsibility to issue challans to all such defaulters. 

Moreover, SDMC will also act on complaints from residents or pedistraints. All you guys have to do is upload a picture on SDMC’s official website with all the information. So next time you see someone not cleaning up their dog’s poop, you know what to do! 

So all you dog-owners, better be careful! 

Here’s SDMC’s Official Website |

Sourced Via Hindustan Times