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Soon We'll Have A 'Google Toilet Locater' App In Our Midst Peeps - Here's The Scoop!

An app to locate the nearest toilet? Is this true? Apparently yes! The Ministry of Urban Development has said that they’ll soon launch a 'Google Toilet Locater' app as a part of the ‘Asli Tarakki’ Campaign.

This applet will be available on Google Maps, and will spread across various urban areas of the country soon. Apart from standalone toilets by municipal corporations, this app will also locate toilets in markets, malls, hospitals and fuel stations. Along with this, the Ministry has also asked all the state and city governments to undertake audit of toilets in urban areas under the campaign ‘Swachhta Pakhwada’ to ensure that they’re all functional and in usable conditions. 

So next time you’re out somewhere and urgently need to use the bathroom, you wouldn't have to go around asking frantically about 'em, just open your app and Google will guide you to the nearest bathroom! 

Sourced via The Hindu